Our Mission

To help each and everyone, through our technology and therapies, to help them overcome their fears and short comings, enable parents and their child to truly know their children's talents and best learning method so that we can help them realize their full potential and to help them express and improve themselves in a better way to promote academic growth and live every moment of their life with satisfaction, pride and happiness while creating a better future. Our specialized training focuses on increasing brain capacity, activation of the brain and development of the human brain helping them find the balance mentally, spiritually and physically.

About Us

TBS Initiative Pvt. Ltd. is an organization which is working towards the Brain Development of people in the Age Group Above 5 Years to help them develop their brain, abilities and help them overcome thoir fears and shortcomings to creat a better future.

Our Goal

To help; improve Memory, Concentration, Creativity, Perceptivity & Emotional Stability

Our Vision

To enhance the imagination power and help you understand yourself better, learning potential, intuition, intelligence, know yourself, among all; to serve as a valuable resource for the society; and remain a source of pride for all Indians.

Our Dream

To setup a one stop a self-development atmosphere around the world to improve the quality of life among all, developing a mentally, physically and spiritually healthier Society.