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  • Gamma Wave: Action | Reaction | Implementation | Decision | Aggression
  • Beta Wave: Intellectual | Interpretation | Grasping | Learning | Enhancement
  • Alpha Wave: Visionary | Thought Balancing | Attitude | Meditation | Positivity
  • Theta Wave: Thought Process | Feelings | Emotions | Overwhelming
  • Delta Wave: Healing | Sleeping Strategy | Detached Awareness | Satisfaction

Brain Wave Analysis(BWA)

Scientific research has shown us that we have more personal control over the behaviour of our brains than we ever thought possible. We can change attitudes, beliefs, emotional states, and behaviour; all by harnessing the power of Brain Wave For scholastic performance, social skills, attention deficit or hyperactivity analysis of Brain Waves can help us to fully develop and achieve our best. BWA(Brain Wave Analysis) addresses the foundations of learning a balanced and organized brain that can process and remember the information more easily. Improve mental performance and ability to pay attention equals better learning reducing stress develops better test results, and calming emotional and behavioural Issues improves social interaction. All these equal better prospects for the future. Brain Waves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp. They are divided into bandwidths to describe their functions but are best thought of as a continuous spectrum of consciousness from slow, loud and functional-to fast, subtle, and complex

BWN address the foundations of learning a balanced and organization brain can process and remember the information more easilt=y.

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