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Customized Sound Track

Scientific research has shwon us tha we have more personal control over the behaviour of ou brain than we evre thought possible.We can change attitudes, beliefs,emotional,states,and behaiour;all by harnessing the power of brain wave for scholastic performance,social skills,attention deficits or hyper;analysis of brain waves can help us to fully develop and achieve our best.

BWN address the foundations of learning a balanced and organization brain can process and remember the information more easilt=y.

Sample Sound Track 1

Sample Sound Track 2


Sound & Vibration using Panchatatva

We offer the Sound & Vibration Session of PANCHTATVA for stimulating the neurons by strengthening them and making synapse communication faster which helps in mental development.

Need of Sound As we know we rapidly get affected by our surroundings (sounds). Sound & Vibration plays an important role in our lives. Why is sound so compelling and captivating? What exactly is it about sound that makes a great way to connect with everyone? Let's take a look.

  • Sound Is processed in Both Hemispheres of the Brain.
  • Sound Is a Multi-sensory Experience.
  • Sound Helps You Bond.
  • Sound Motivates.
  • Sound is Powerful.

  • Steps to Check Your Mental Health

    Just Ask/Observe these 4 things with in you or in your Surrounding.

    Is I am Sleep well at night without any extra effort or force.

    When I wake up, I feel refreshed or feeling drowsy or low in energy.

    Is I am able to put a smile over my face when I come back to home or when I go sleep.

    During the day is I am stressed, overthinking, negativity…… As these are common things now a days because of work life,
    but if you feel these things on regular basis then it is a problem.

    No…. If your answer is this , then start taking precautions and rethink on your mental health. Because mentals illness leads to physical illness.

    Are you ready to makeover your life?