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Sound & Vibration using Panchatatva

We offer the Sound & Vibration Session of PANCHTATVA for stimulating the neurons by strengthening them and making synapse communication faster which helps in mental development.

Need of Sound As we know we rapidly get affected by our surroundings (sounds). Sound & Vibration plays an important role in our lives. Why is sound so compelling and captivating? What exactly is it about sound that makes a great way to connect with everyone? Let's take a look.

  • Sound Is processed in Both Hemispheres of the Brain.
  • Sound Is a Multi-sensory Experience.
  • Sound Helps You Bond.
  • Sound Motivates.
  • Sound is Powerful.

  • Air Sample Sound

    Space Sample Sound

    Fire Sample Sound

    Earth Sample Sound

    Water Sample Sound

    Are you ready to makeover your life?