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Key Person

Er. Ankit Gupta Masters in IEM ( Ergonomics & Employee Psychology), M.A Psychology

Mr. Ankit Gupta- Founder/Director TBS Initiatives is working in the field of enhancement of brain potential providing profiling & counselling from the past 6 years.

We served & helped 4000+ participants in their holistic development. We has delivered programs in the government & private institutions, organizations, colleges in multiple states and cities.

The Brain Seeder.

We Are Pioneers In India.
We Are Providing Customized Solution Using Sounds & Vibration Of Panchtatva Or Profiling & Counselling Using Tangible Psychometric Analysis Tools.
We Work To Enhance The Brain Potential & Reduce The Mental Ailments With Keen Interest In Holistic Development Of Youngsters, Adults & Differently Abled.

Key Features of our programs.

  • Improves Intellectual ability.
  • Improves recalling,retention & remembering.
  • It helps increase focus & concentration.
  • Enhancement of will power & confidence.
  • Enhances creativity & imagining power.
  • Helps cope with stress & anxiety.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Aggression gets balanced.
  • Improve decision making.
  • Have a calm & composed attitude.
  • Reduced over thinking.
  • Improves acceptability & patience.
  • Better sleeping pattern.
  • Improves IQ,EQ,CQ,AQ.
  • Self-Discovery.
  • Complete self-awareness.
  • Help in knowing career option which can be best to pursue.
  • Develop personality traits according to the surrounding.
  • Know present interest, the motto of life, likes & dislike
  • Better equipped to face adversity
  • Goal setting
  • Skill based mapping

Our Vision

To help our participants to attain their true potential to lead a happy life. We aim to touch lives of 1 lac individuals in the next 5 years.


Provide customized solution using sound vibration therapy, profiling using tangible psychometric analysis tools & counselling.

Our Values

We believe that every individual is unique & has the potential to excel in all works of life. We give the best solution possible to help individuals attain their maximum potential. We work with integrity, compassion & provide quality service.

The Problem

According to our Market research more than 70% people suffering from mental illness and out of which their 50% health issues is because of mental illness.

Age group (in years) Problems
5-17 learning, grasping, concentration, focus, retaining, memory and behaviors, obedience
17 years and above mood swings , hyperactive, emotional unbalancing, what to do and what not to do, decision making, confidence, presentation skills
30 and above relationship, compatibility, work life balance, irritation, aggression, problem in expression in emotions, high expectation ,sleeping disorder
60 and above sleeping disorder(insomnia), irritation, insecurity, loose senses, dementia, Alzheimer, asking problem
Some Specific Cases Schizophrenia, Dementia, Alzheimer, Tinnitus, Parkinson's, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, ATHD, AHD, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, MRs

These are some standard problem there are many other mental problem for person specific, for every problem of mental illness we have a solution in a form of Customized Sound Track.

Facts & Figures

This organization which is working towards the Brain Development of people in the Age Group Above 5 Years to help them develop their brain.







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